Description and Values

Amphi Systems is a leading Nordic provider of unique prehospital software solutions to the healthcare sector. Our focus is to deliver superior products to the prehospital sector, as well as to hospitals. Our solutions support the healthcare personnel in giving efficient and optimal treatment for the benefit of the patient. The most essential element in our business philosophy is the ability to understand clinical and technical aspects, and to combine this know-how in new and innovative ways for the benefit of clinicians and patients.

The Company has developed a best-of-breed innovative electronic prehospital care record (ePCR) solution allowing for efficient recording and data sharing. This is our main product: amPHI™; a prehospital healthcare record which encompasses the entire prehospital care pathway from the scene of the accident until the patient is received and admitted to the hospital.

The amPHI solution has been in operation in Denmark since 2006 (nationwide from 2014) and in Region Stockholm in Sweden since 2014. As such, products of Amphi Systems are implemented across +800 emergency units, dispatch centres, emergency departments and hospitals.

Operationally Amphi Systems is headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark, and is driven by a highly competent team of health-tech developers in close cooperation with healthcare professionals.

Our vision is to provide a flexible and efficient software solution, which empowers the paramedic by bringing the expertise of the organisation directly to the paramedic and aiming to enhance the focus on the patient by delivering a seamless patient care from emergency to hospital. We value to be a company that employees can be proud to be employed in, that customers can be proud to work with and a company that is valued by society.

Company description