amPHI™ is the main product of Amphi Systems. It is a complete electronic prehospital care record (ePCR) solution unifying communication across the emergency units (ambulances, paramedic vehicles, etc.), the dispatch centre and emergency department.

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The amPHI solution is operated on a tablet device in the emergency units and from a web-based solution at the dispatch centres and hospitals. The solution has been in operation in Denmark since 2006 (nationwide from 2014) and in Region Stockholm in Sweden since 2014. As such, the software has proven highly capable of handling the complexity of information sharing across +800 emergency units, dispatch centres, emergency departments and hospitals.

The architecture of the software is built for the cloud and is expected to transition operationally to the cloud as the public clients gradually transition. Further development is outlined in a product roadmap, which is centred around developing the amPHI solution and adding new products.

For the amPHI™ solution, it is the plan to add new features, finalise the design update, transition to the cloud and ensure new equipment integrations.

Amphi flow